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cheap michael kors handbags or already have the answer, which means that Anta are selling over ten billion single brand. The current in the clothing circle can achieve annual sales of billions of billions of single-brand is not much.Jingdong Group CEO Liu Qiang East has a 'cane ten theory', namely retail, consumer goods industry value chain is divided into creativity, design, Manufacturing, pricing, marketing, trading, warehousing, distribution, after-sales and other 10 links, of which the first five to the brand, the back of the five links are owned by retailers.If the entire value chain for Anta used, the current shipments of billions (Anta headquarters shipments discount of around 4 fold.) In the future, Anta need to build a multi-brand matrix, while precision farming. So, the problem comes, Anta, Anta, Anta is the end of the store's retail sales, Why do retail? First, and the need to compete for electricity providers. Do not expect two wholesale circulation of the three Anta line of online stores and online shops straight hair of the electricity business competition cheap michael kors outlet

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michael kors handbags outlet online management hosting, the original owner into a partnership nature of the investors. Written here, the author a little faint concern. Anta seems to become more and more like 'the king of shoes' Belle Group: vertical integration multi-brand matrix retailer model. The current Belle, is caught in product homogeneity and innovation plight of fatigue. Anta is a bit like 5 years ago or earlier Belle, full of confidence in the future. Blessing Anta. Search replication Since February 2011, US President Barack Obama has made a total of 12 suits, they all come from one hand: Martin Greenfield (Martin Greenfield). Obama is not the first US president to find him a suit, Martin's list of customers, as well as Eisenhower, Ford and Clinton's name. Of course, the list can also be written longer: LeBron James, Michael Jackson, Al Pacino, Leonardo DiCaprio, Colin Powell, Mike Bloomberg, Joe Biden ... (Martin's factory covered with his clippings and representatives of his glorious years of the photo in the lower left of Martin's two sons and michael kors bags outlet

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michael kors handbags outlet After beating a beating, he sewed his shirt and put it on himself. 'After that, the guards and guards were much more respectful of me, and that was the first time I realized that one's clothes were so important.' Martin said, 'I can finally survive, this shirt should also help a lot Busy. 'Shortly after Auschwitz stayed, the Nazis had to empty the concentration camps and evacuate the prisoners to other places for the Soviet army's approach. Martin, after several twists and turns, and finally came to Buchenwald concentration camp. 'There are about ten thousand people who have been transferred out, and only 500 of them come in.' Martin said that civilized people could not understand the evil existence of concentration camps. 'The weather was cold and people were weak, but nobody dared Because in 1947, Martin came to the United States, in a garment factory called GGG dry from the odd jobs. A full thirty years later, Martin bought the factory, set up the legendary 'Martin Greenfield' garment factory. michael kors factory outlet